It was a close call on the title as the other fitting option was “How to entirely ruin your reputation in one easy step” but everyone wants the secret recipe of what to do when life hands you lemons.


Normally a successful businessperson in Angie’s position would take advantage of their current platform and write a book focusing on how they built a hugely successful business, won a whole lot of prestigious awards and trophies, founded a charity that supports terminally ill children, gets standing ovations, appears on tv, in magazines and generally make themselves appear incredible and it all appear effortless and simple.


Well, this book is not about that. 


It is unapologetically raw and honest.


If you want to know how a teenage homeless high school dropout slept in school bag racks, got locked up involuntarily in an adult psych unit at 14, became pregnant at 16, escaped a horrific domestic violent relationship, secretly worked as a stripper at 19 at night, whilst working at a library during the day and completing high school in between then this may just the inspirational story you need to know. 


But when you also weigh in that this was a devoted single mother who continued to put herself back together after heartbreaking divorces, who endured a devastating miscarriage, then cared for her medically complex son throughout his 20+ surgeries and never gave up for one moment in defiantly moving forward, insistent on creating a life that she had always imagined for her family, then this could be life-changing for you.


It may be heart wrenchingly sad in places, but it is powerfully uplifting and courageous and in a world of smoke and mirrors; maybe someone out there needs to know that no one is perfect, life is hard and your past or genetics don’t define you.


It will tell you how she got to the heights she has achieved now; an award-winning business owner, philanthropist, community role model and mentor, happily married with 4 sons but instead of glossing over it all, it will show you the reality of what it took to get there and fill you with hope and inspiration along the way.

How I Made Lemonade

  • Paperback; 254 pages