Angie Mansey

About the author

Angie Mansey is the proud mother (depending if they are behaving on the day) of 4 rather energetic sons and is married to her best friend Luke who has been listening to her incessant chatter since 1996. A fulltime medical carer to one son and a laundry slave to all 4 (5 if hubby is included).
A multiple award-winning business owner of both Kuluin Mufflers and KM Exhausts Australia, who is a confident public speaker and philanthropist for various causes close to her heart. A charity founder and Director for Driven By KM that provides financial support to the families of terminally and chronically ill children on the Sunshine Coast. A passionate mentor to local youth and a proactive suicide awareness advocate.
An enthusiastic believer that a cup of tea fixes most things and has an outstanding ability of remembering ‘90’s music lyrics but never can recall which way is East. Fluent in sarcasm and positivity. When she isn’t running full speed ahead then she fills her spare time with maintaining her daily blog to share her parenting and business highlights and fails to the world.

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